Tuesday, November 14, 2017

6 beauty myths you should know about :))

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so i´ve been surfing around on the web today because I´m in my summerhouse. been in the water and after that, there is not much else to do, But i felt like researching beauty myths because i Looove to read about  that stuff, what oils do for your hair and that shit :)) and here is some of the stuff i read and i think it´s quite interesting :))

1. Not removing your mascara will cause your eyelashes to fall out.

This is acually true, as scary and wired as it sound. Leaving your mascara on for longer periods of time will clog up the the follicles in your eyelids, causing them to possibly become infected and make your eyelashes fall out. Ewww groose  ://

2. Makeup Causes Breakouts

Not true, poor hygiene does.  Mistakes like falling asleep with your makeup on, not cleaning your brushes often enough.  This makes me doubt the rumors about Macs face product clogs up your pores and cause you to break out? Hmm :II

3.  Shaving makes hair grow back thicker     
FALSE and yaaay!! I am pretty tired of having to wax my annoying dark baby hairs on my upper lip all the time, probably won´t stop but now I will have an alternative to when I´m really lazy or is out of wax strips.

Razors may get a bad rep but it’s so undeserved. Shaving has absolutely no effect on hair growth or thickness. Why people have a tendency to think this, is because the razor cuts the hair straight across the shaft which is why stubble feels stiffer.

4. You know your skin is clean when it squeaks

False. This beauty myth probably originated back in the day when cigarettes were considered good for your health, wich you probably know is soooo wrong. The truth is, if your face feels tight or uncomfortable in any way you’re either using the wrong product for your skin type, or you’re over-doing it.

5. It's good when your products tingle skin.

This sensation is your skin telling you it is being irritated, not helped.
That familiar tingling sensation is actually just your skin responding to irritation, resulting in inflammation. Products that produce that sensation can actually damage your skin's healing process, make scarring worse, cause collagen and elastin to break down, and increase the growth of bacteria that cause pimples.

6. Your skin adapts to products you use and eventually stop working.

Skin doesn't adapt to skin-care products any more than your body adapts to a healthy diet

If salad and carrots are healthy for you they are always healthy, even if you eat them every day. The same is true for your skin, if you were using a product that was irritating your skin and then switched to another one that didn´t, you would have an amazing change but later your skin would be balanced so it wouldn’t improve your skin further, but contain your fabulous  skin! ((:

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