Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blackmask 39kr!!

Hi blog
so this page is having an amazing deal on blackmask I´ve seen these on quite a lot of websites where the price is around 50-200 yeah 200 thats ridiculous but you can get this on dealfigter for like no money, but you gotta hurry there is only 4 days left, and ofcourse  I allready got one I´m actually having it on now or only on my nose, beacause I didn´t feel like doing the whole face :))♥

it has a really cool consistency it´s like meltet plastic meets silicone and glue :))

this is the cheapest place I´ve seen it, I´ve kept my eyes on this but it was always a little to eksepensive and finaly this page came around. but if you whant a fast like to it here it is :)) Blackmask :))♥

Had a blog break to take off the mask and i tell you it got alot of sh*t out yay!! and another thing if you hate those little peachy hairs on your face that sometimes make you makeup look wired, it removes that too, no need for razors :))

My first impression of this is... I love it and my skin feels soo soft, I´ve only used it one time but I know it will be a favorite, so go get you some blackmask! :))♥

but thats it for now loves!

xoxo Christina♥

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  1. Hej jeg har en give-away kørende på min blog,
    håber du har lyst til at deltage.


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