Friday, July 26, 2013

July favorits :))

Hi blog :))

So.... it´s time for  my monthly favorits, don´t remeber if I did one last month or no I did a favorits of the moment because it was too far into the next month :))

Gliss hair repair: I have used this soooo much this past month, because my hair has been ekstra tangly. due to being on the beach or just outside :)) love that it has a uv filter even though my hair is not colored but I belive that this helps my hair for being bleached by the sun :))

STILA Merry and Bright: I haven´t been using the whole pallete so much but I´ve used the matte medium-light brown next to the black for filling in my eyebrows and i love it. The wired thing is when I don´t wear makeup my brows look fine but when I do My brows look kinda greyish, so I use this to make it look "normal" :))

Gosh Giant sun powder: OMG LOVE!! makes you look like a bronzed goddess If you have a medium to tan skrintone don´t know how it is om pale or deep skrintones :))

Batiste dry shampoo in tropical: For some reason my hair has been ekstra oily theese days so I´ve basically been abusing this and it´s allmost emty, I have a theory that my sister has a big part of it being gone so fast. because when ever she´s home about once a week she takes this so her hair looks better when she goes to work and she uses incredible big amounts :)) she Owes me a new one...   

I haven´t gotten to use this so much but its a huge favorite because I actually saw a huge difference just from one use. first time i used this i had a disgusting zit that was ready to pop eww but I decided to put this to the test and the morning after the zit was half the size as the night before no kidding :))

and now my favorite song it is Am I wrong by ENVY :))

I´m so in love with this, it kinda remindes me of tarzan I don´t know why :))♥

but thats it for now lovely people♥

xoxo Christina :))♥


  1. Hej jeg har en giveaway kørende på min blog,
    håber du har lyst til at deltag.


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