Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Products I regret buying :))♥

Hi blog :))

remeber my giveaway :))♥ ♥♥♥♥♥

so some time a go I saw some videos on youtube doing this, and I was shopping my stash because There is a lot of my make up and hair products i don´t use or like that is just laying around. so I thougt I´d share it :))

This doesn´t nessersarily mean that i don´t like the product it could be simply because i don´t use it :))♥

1. Eyeshadows - these shadows are really pigmented and pretty but i don´t really use pink on my eyes and the were more of a impulse buy. the green one i sometimes use as an eyeliner for my lower lashline but it´s a really light color so you don´t really notice it :))

- Gosh in nr 281
- Rimmel in 084 Saucy Mint
- Maybelline New York in 233

2. Elf. lipstain. The colors are really stunning! but they just do not look good on the lips, it looks like I thougt my pink paint was a liquid lipstick which is a shame because of the beautiful colors♥

- light pink Birthday Suit
- red-pink  First date

3. Maybelline Nude airfoam. so sad this is light, has good coverrede but it oxydize ihh!, it you don´t know what it means is when a foundation changes color after you have apllied it and if the color matches perfectly after some time it has gone darker and it looks like you chose the wrong foundation.

4. Trésemme volume and lift mousse. When i got this I was out for a root Lifting spray because I don´t like having mousse in my roots, but it okay good for making beachy waves, but I don´t do it often because I´m either in a hurry or lazy :))

But thats it for now loves see you later♥

xoxo Christina♥

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