Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vacation packing series part 3 total redo of part 1,2 :))

Hi blog
so I completely hate part 1,2 so I for part 3 I´ll show everything and tell you what it is, the reason I didn´t do it in the first place is.... Ihate my voice on video but rather that than another bad video not saying this one is amazing but it is a lot better :)) And when you see the video please skip to 01:17 because the first part was not ment to be there :)) Its kinda late its up but it took over 2 hours to upload :-//

but I hope you like this video, and in the future I´ll try to make more videos so I´ll get better at it and sorry it´s kinda long :))

and there is no music sadly because I don´t have any rights to use music but in the future I´ll try to get permission to use songs for my videos, but for now you could have your playlist in the background :))♥

thats it for now loves♥

xoxo Christina♥

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