Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What´s in my carryon bag :))

Hi blog :))

so tomorrow I´ll be on a plane to croatia can´t wait but right now I´m still at home wating to go to copenhagen where we will be staying at my sisters anpartment for the night since we will have to b at te airport at 6 and fly at 7 I was like, are we gonna make it? but we are going through express check in and will be eating breakfast  at the lounge, I love lounge food :)) but I´ll have to go soon so lets get moving :))

the immortals: shadowland by alyson noel this is the third book in the series I love them♥

I thought abot bringing fifty shades free but I don´t think I´ll finish this before i come home :))

my wallet so i can by some tax-free godies in the airport :)) 

My camera bag for of course my camera and battery charger :))
so I can take load of pictures and maybe film some videos :))

My computer to blog and stuff :))

and a case so my sunnies are protected :))

while I´m gone There will be dayly updates if not multiple a day so remember  to tjek the blog once in a while, but thats it for now I love you and I´ll see you later!♥

xoxo Christina♥

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