Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Dramatic way home part 1 because its really long.

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So as the title says I didn´t have a normal way home, at least I didn´t think so. We had to get out of the apartment 10 am and where being picked up again so we could go to the airport at 6 pm so we had 8 hours to kill. My mom and dad thought it could be fun to take the cablecar and my sister and I were like sure the weather is nice lets go.

So we went and the cable car brought us up on a mountain. Gorgeous view mountains everywhere, the town looked tiny and the islands looked so amazing. We took loads of photos, ate cake, walked around and braided hair. 3 hours had passed and we wantet to get down so we got in line.when suddenly the weather went crazy.

Rain, crazy thunderstorm that almost blew the resturant away and hagel the size of macadamia nuts. The cable car stopt in the middle on its way down, so some people where stuck in a little glass box hanging in  the air for almost 2 hours.

It felt like was something that would happen in a movie the weather the slight feeling of panic in the air while. A worker told us to follow him and all the people where pushing around in a little hallway trying to get out and in of the door. we decided to get outside even though the weather was still crazy but not hagling anymore.

Well the picture only fit the beginning :))

But thas it for not see you in part 2 :))♥

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