Sunday, August 4, 2013

A night out.♥

Hi blog
so I´ve been at the beach all day, but I didn´t think it would be so exciting to read about so I´ll tell you about yesterday when my sister and I went to town. Our plan was to get a drink but ended up with icecream :))♥

On our way home from a walk on the port or harbour whatever you like to call it :)) We thought the stairs looked kinda cool and had a mini fotoshoot :))♥

hehe xoxo christina♥


  1. Åh, den is ser nu virkelig lækker ud! Suk!! - Jeg har pt. en give away hvor du kan forkæle en du holder af.

    1. Virkelig god! ekstra mørk chokolade og whiskey creme yummy!♥

  2. Ser super skønt ud!

    Knus Michelle ♥


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