Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dramatic way home part 2

Hi blog part 2 :))

And that was good because we where out side freasing our buts off and had to go to the airport we got on the first buss down. It was a long way down. In the area in Dubrovnik we where staying the only had one way roads so we had to go around the mountain and up some places to get down.

And of course well we wherent in the lin luckly but on the other side (not a one way road anymore) there was a trafic stop because the moter of a car broke down and created the longes line ever and you could see all the busses and taxies that was supposed to bring almost 2 to 3 hundred people down where stuck in trafic, and loads had to catch a flight.

We finaly got down walk trough the rainy town to get just something to eat before we went t our pickup place drove to the airport had a nice flight home, where stressed because we had to run to catch the train to the central station, get off and run to the train that brought os to the staition where we where picked up by a cab and finally got home. and after i brougt my luggage upstaires I found out that my packets where home so ripped them op and fell in love with all the makeup I got and that will be hauled in the near future :))♥

but thats it for now :))

xoxo Christina :))♥

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