Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Elf haul :))♥

Hi blog

So a little time ago Elf or Eyes lips face had a HUGE amazing sale 60% off everything even stuff that was already on sale and ofcourse I wouldn´t pass that up :)) but alot off the stuff where sold out but so I when just a little crazy at the blush section :))

but here is what i got :))♥

Swatches left to right Twinkle pink, Pink passion, Mellow Mauve and Tickeld pink. Can I just say how good this packaging is wow don´t think its gonna break any time soon!♥

get them here ♥♥♥

Swatches Left to Right Innocence, Blushing and Glow :))♥ get them here ♥♥♥

Got these nice brushes aswell but I deleted the picture where you can see the end of the brush so   I´ll just link both.  Smudge sponge - Here♥ Concealer brush - Here♥

but that is it for know♥

LET ME KNOW ONE THING!! I have 3 to 4 more hauls would you like them in one go ( 1 per day or spreaded out like an another blog post, haul, another blog post , haus etc. ?? please answer :))♥

xoxo Christina♥ :))

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