Sunday, November 12, 2017

In love with my shoes + tips to make heels more comfortable :))

Hi blog :))

so I got my lovely shoes!! ang really wanted to show you, but since my last post was about them too I have included some tips well only two, to make walking in high heels, wedges etc. ;))♥

Tape your 3rd and 4th toes together ( the little and the middle)

 Yes this sounds strange but, and  when i read it I was like "are you kidding me" but no but this makes high heels more comfortable,  medical tape would be best cause it will stay better when you begin to sweat.

The science: at the base of the 3rd and 4th toe is where a nerve splits,  causing pain to come more easily. Also, wearing high heels or ill fitting shoes causes the bone to rub against the nerve or place excessive pressure on the nerve or place excessive pressure on the ball of the foot. :))

2 use gelpads 

Allmost everywhere you can buy gel pads for your shoes, it´s like a little cushion making it softer to walk on, i don´t know this for sure but you could try both at the same time maybe it will double the Comfort :))♥ 
The gelpads I´m planning on buying :))♥

xoxo Christina :))♥

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