Thursday, August 8, 2013


Hi blog :))!

so today I´m so excited, like I said yesterday I went kayaking... AND it was awesome!! :))

But a little hard so I won´t be surprised if I wake up with some serious guns :)) or sore arms :)) But we sailed for almost 3 hours and dived in cave for like 45 minuttes, so much fun I chased fish... :)) but if you know me you wouldn´t be surprised :)) I might have went shopping, went to montenegro but this was for sure the highligt!♥

This vacation is going so quick i fell like we just arrived but I´ll come home in 2 days, but it will be nice to, see my friends again, speaking of friends if you are reading this Happy Birthday Louise!!♥ again... I love you!♥ :))

but anyway I thought you might like so see some photos :))

hehe but that is it for now see you later loves :))♥

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