Saturday, August 3, 2013

My day so far :)) Love this place♥

Hi blog :))

I have now been here in three days and still have 7 lovely days to go♥

Today we went to DOC shopping centre in lapad who has the nickname shoppers heaven, to be honest I don´t see why didn´t have that many stores and all the stores looked the same :))

later my sister and I went to the beach, holy shit it´s beautiful but really salty, lovely chill temperature when the sun is burning. and I legit didn´t have a picture of it that do it justice, so i took one from google  :))

Soon my sister and I will hit the town and probably get some drinks :))♥

got me some snacks too :))♥

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Har lige kigget din blog igennem, og den er super fin! :)
    Kig gerne forbi min og følg gerne på Bloglovin!

  2. Ej, hvor ser der bare lækkert ud! :o)

    Knus Michelle Eckert ♥


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