Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Starting school♥ + Stuff I´ve used up :))♥

Hi blog :))

So I recently got back to school, or maybe not back because i startet a new place :)) I belive it is somehow the danish version of highschool, but we start later. If i was in america I would have started higschool last year, if that makes sense :))

But It taking some getting used to, my classmates are lovely and we already had a party like two days after we met and we are haveing one on friday aswell so i´m getting busy :)) I´ll try to post often but I need yo get back in my routines again. because I don´t fall asleep on the couch after school, but I did today. Arrgg what I´m trying to say is that I´ll be trying to make time to blog, and when I get used to school I´ll be back on track :))

Now to the real blog post, so sleepy Christina wondered about what she was gonna blog about, when she remembered she saved her used up products, so that is what I´ll tell you and I´ll show you :))♥

+ Nice application
+ Good consistency 
+ Not clumpy
- Didn´t make my eyes look brigter, but it was worth the try ;))
- smudges a little bit  

+ face feels clean and fresh
+ not to harsh for my skin :)), unlike the toner I thought i loved until i realised something...
- the scent I don´t mind it but it´s a little strong don´t think anyone could stand it

+ Non sticky
+ Soft 

+ sweet scent
+ soft hair
- only saw a tiny difference, but not enough to make me rebuy

but thats it for now and I´ll se you soon!♥

xoxo Christina :))

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