Saturday, September 21, 2013

Birthday wishlist :))♥

Hi blog :))

so my birtday is on Wednesday, and I got the inspiration to do this blog post like a minute before i kliked "write new blog post" because I was checking my phone and saw that sweet maya my half big brothers girlfriend (they have a baby together♥) had sent me a text asking what my birthday wishes where.

I actually have a wishlist on my computer but It was only books and giftcards, but I´ll show the books anyway. But I searched the web, because I´ve been looking for a new handbag, I have "alot" of small bags but only one mediumsized and my only big bag which I currently use as a schoolbag is more like a tote don´t really have a shape just goes with what ever i put in it. so I´ve been looking for medium to big bags.

I´ve read the first three and I love it♥ I own nr 2 and 3 was at a friends house and I saw the book and asked it I could borrow, been in love with the series since so I wan´t the first one for the collections sake and the last three that I´m dying to read!♥

I really wan´t to read this I´ve heard multiple of my favorite youtubers raving about this, and how they all finished it in 1 day because it was so good I need to get my hands on this book!!!♥

When scrolling through asos bag section I saw these and remembered that I was eyeing it some time ago beacuse ofcoure I really liked it and it has a really nice size, I problably won´t put this on my list Since it will never get home in time, but I´m planning on buying it with my birthday money♥ not sure which color but I mostely like the plummyvine one and the cognac brown one, the grey and black one are pretty but a little to boring.

I don´t really wish for a lot ( In my opinion ) :))

Remember that I have a Giveaway going on and it ends on my B-day♥ Please be a darling and enter to win your own blackmask chances are high since not a lot have entered♥

Thats it for please enter my Give away♥

xoxo Christina♥

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