Tuesday, September 3, 2013

favorites of the month :))♥

Hi blog

August has come to an end and september has arrived♥

so today I´ll share what I`ve been loving in August♥

1. Cream shadow
I love my maybelline color tatto, but it has just been cream shadows in general that has been my favorite, perfect base for eyeshadow. I usually don´t wear eyeshadow for school but I thoght, know that I´ve bought so much eyeshadow, I better use it so im trying to wear it sometimes :))

2, Clearasil daily clear vitamin and extracts scrub
For some reason, my skin needed some ekstra scrubbing this month, don´t worry it a mild scrub you can use everyday, this is kinda groose but when i get out of the shower I can rub dead skin off my face I know ehhdd.. but my face has increased the making of skin cells eversince I sartet using aloe vera, which i knew would happen but not so extreme, In the beginning I could peel of my skin like a mask I was soo.. scared, but it makes my skin great so I can live with it :))

3. Clinique brush
I got my sisters old brush, washed it and use it to apply blush and it works so wonderful, I don´t know how but i makes my blush look nicer, than with my blush brush :))

4. Elf blushes 
I did an elf haul in the middle og the month where I went a little blush crazy, and I´ve been loving all my studio blushes!!♥ for some reason I havent touched the other ones, need to do something about, Hmm.. I think I´ll wear one tomorrow and show it some love :))♥

But thats it for now remeber to enter my giveaway :)) Here :))♥

xoxo Christina♥ :))


  1. Jeg har selv den blush fra ELF og den er bare super :-)

    1. ja den er så skøn, købte den under udsalget, gav kun 13 kr for den!♥


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