Monday, September 30, 2013

Gosh cosmetics!!♥

Hi blog :))

so recently I recived this package from Gosh cosmetics, I love them I´ts like they know my taste! well most people probably know my love for glitter polishes and colored eyeliner but still!!♥

I was very kind of them to send me this a review of the iteams will be op next week i belive. I want to test the polish, see if it chips fast or not at all and the lasting power of the eyeliner, much more will be added but just told the basics :))

If you wan´t to know some thing special about the produkts, I´ll include it in the review :))

 - Gosh frosted sand look with matte glittery finish in Frosted purple♥ I already adore this polish I may seem silvery grev but in dayligt you see that beautiful washed out purple grey its gorgeous!! and it´s unlike every glitter polish I have it´s matte but shimmery how is that possible but it looks amazing pictures will be in the review :))♥

- Smokey eyliner it has eyeliner on one side and a smudge brush on the other side, wore it friday when i went to that party, really like it so far made my eyes pop and look bright!! (I have brown eyes with a green ring?? around the brown) don´t know with other eyecolors. Saw the liners in stores and I think I´ll be buying the blue one!!♥

Smugdes easy after you lines but I feel like it sets and then it doesn´t move which is really good!!♥
you don´t hurt your eyes the sponge is really smooth♥

But thats it for now see you later loves!!♥

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Ææælsker Gosh neglelakken, den er så fed!


    1. Den er så super flot specielt i dagslys!!♥


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