Thursday, September 12, 2013

New in: Hairstuff♥

Hi blog :))

So went to the mall becuse even though I feel like i have so much shampoo I´m actually running low so I got me some syoss in depth care oil shampoo and contidioner for very dry hair, my hair is probably not that dry but I wan´t to give it as much... moisturisingness? What ever as much as possible so this seemed like a good choice. Got me some balsam spray too I´m down to a half bottle so it was about time I refilled my stock, love the gliss ones think I have gone through more than 10 blotles :))

I´ve had the best school day ever meet at 8.15 go 9.25, gotta love canceled classes :))♥
but had to come back at 15.15 because i signed up to get the chance to get to boston for 2 weeks♥ hope i get a spot :))

Thats it for now remeber to enter my Give away♥

xoxo Christina♥

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