Friday, September 27, 2013

Ready to party!!♥

Hi blog :))

Just quickly wannet to fill you in with my plans for the evening/night :))

So soon I´ll be headed to town bacuse it´s eventnight and stores have really good sales,  and I´ll got to the store where my sister works to get my birthday gif♥ them I´ll meet with the fam after some shopping think we will eat at café caramel and at 10.00 pm I´ll be headed to Joakims house and party and later we might hit the clubs since he lives really close to them but again it´s event night so lets see if we can come in, there should be a famous dj, Uhh!!♥ tonight is gonna be a blast!

see you later loves I promise the winner will be found saturday!!♥

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Åh elsker Cuba strawberry! Håber du havde en god fest :)

    Kig gerne forbi min blog, hvis du lyster :)

    1. hehe me to :)♥ det havde jeg, det var så fedt!!♥'

      tager da lige et kig ;))


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