Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sample review: Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser ♥

Hi blog

The blog post is a little late today, took a little to long nap :)) guess i´m still pretty tired from our fieldtrip, we went to Pedersborg on bike, I belive it was a 20km ride. and the next day my girls and I cheatet, we drove 6 km to the trainstation, train to slagelse and took the buss home♥

But anyway, some time ago I got my macadamia leavein creme from, and I oderet premium because I heard that someone had gotten some pretty cool samples and for like "13kr" sure why not?

Got a little shampoo which is okay didn´t really do much, But the Lash Conditioning Cleanser impressed me so much, are you crazy, no tugging just lightly swipe a few times and you are done, all gone even whith waterproof eyeshadow, easy!!

the botlle itself only has 100ml but the 3ml sample lastet me 5 nights♥ I´m so gonna get the fullsize I´m in love :)) and it´s with an eyemakeup remover, I haven´t really liked any eyemakeup remover that I´ve tried mostely because they are all so oily and makes my eyes feel funny, but this sinks in to the skin and makes it soft.

Don´t know if it´s lash conditioning, like I´m not saying that it´s not but I´m just not able to tell if it is, since I don´t know how to tell if my lashes are Conditioned :)) and it´s oil free yay♥

Thats it for now remeber to enter my Give away♥

xoxo Christina♥

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