Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shoppping my stash :))

Hi blog ;))

I belive I´ve done something like this before but I was quite fun so yeah, here we are again. I shopped my stash to find some product that needs to be incorporated in my makeup routine a little more often, and shop my stash once a while so I don´t get stuck in the same routine. If did think about doing a daily makeup rutine, but I don´t really have one. but I could to a get ready with me school :))♥

But anywat lets move on :))

Lush shine so bright: Well I got this last year when I went to Canada used it all the time loved it but it was slowly forgotten when I got the spray balsams from my last haul I coudn´t press it all the way back on the shelf because something blocked it and this was this little baby, and I thoyght I havent used this in like for ever and then I thought again I should do a shopping my stash blog post, and here we are ♥ :))

It is a split end treatment but lets be real when your end splits it cant heal again it might be "glued" back together by some products, but this makes my end soft and feel less dry has a light smell og either lavender og jamine :)) It´s a solid oil so you just heat it with your finger and apply to ends :))

NOTE yes i edited my skin quite a lot but it was just grose, I don´t know what the white sparkles under my lips is, but this it the stila lipglaze in kitten I got it in a set with my merry and bright pallete which i use a lot acually i´m wearing 3 colors today :))

but it´s just a light Bronze shimmer really settle but so stunning, why have I never used this before, well I tried it on top of a lipstick but it was just to much for a school day but on its own...♥♥♥

Face stockholm highligter: Got this back in January when my sister and I went shopping in copenhagen, used it quite alot in the beginning but I´m not sure how I fell about it, well I must have liked it but how much is the question :))

Ego eyeshimmer: My sister gave me this a while back, I like the color but didn´t really use it, it´s a rollerball and it´s kinda stuck so it hard to get product out if applied directly to eyes, but I´ll just roll it on the back on my hand and swirl a brush in it :))

YSL lipstick: got this I belive around the beginning of summer and where my everything my little baby, but when you are like me and buy new products all the time you quickly forget your loves becuse you try some much new that you like aswell :))♥

Have you shopped your stash lately and what did you find??♥

Thats it for now remeber to enter my Give away♥

xoxo Christina♥    

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