Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spending my money!! just orderet♥

Hi blog :))

so I thought about doing a birthday post but I´d rather tell you what I  have ordered the last 48 hours :))

Because of my birthday I had some ekstra money to spend and I could get what I´ve been wanting to get for so long :))

Got the bag I talket about in my last blog post :))

Got this since it was the only one of the big size I havent tried yet and i ran out :))

And another one because I go through these like nobodys business  :))

some of you may hafe heart the, tea tree oil is a miracle worker, we will see have so many mini pimples, they arent really visible unless you get close up but I really wan´t them gone!! :))

I´ve been out of my all time favorite parfume forever now just woudn´t realise it but when I tried so hard to get some out it didn´t,  and I can´t take et anymore so i ordered a 90 ml one, my credit card got alot of exercise on that one :))

And finally I´ve been rambling about needing a matte bronzer so got the cargo one in medium matte :))
I´ve heard that you need so little that it will last you years, just like my face powder I´ve been using it for 6 months looks like I´ve only had i for 2 weeks it´s I´ve barely made a dent in it :))

need a link to an iteam,  just comment I´m too tired to find them all now :))♥

but thats it the winner of my giveaway will be found tomorrow if i have timer or sat or sunday I´ll be shopping friday our town has a special event, and then I´ll attend a party and later we will go clubbing so don´t think I´ll do it friday :))♥

xoxo Christina♥

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