Sunday, September 15, 2013

Super sale cocopanda!!♥

Hi blog♥

So one of my favorite sites to tjek out hair and makeup has 1 year birthday and an amazing discount!! 20% off everything and free shipping, you might be like yeah 20% so what, but think about the brands that are there Ghd, macadamia, moroccanoil , dior :)) and the Ghd flatiron was already on sale and now 20% ekstra before 1500 now 919 so thats kinda a bargain :))

I planned a little shopping trip to lets see If i have money for everything because I have no Idea how much i have left :))♥

But I´d love to buy these items!♥

Biosilk leave in conditioner I´ve been wanting this ever since I saw Itsjudytime talk about this on youtube, and how much she loved it, made her hair silky, shiny, shooth and soft  but for some reason I never got it, but I think I will now!! this is the cheapest price I´ve ever seen it at♥ 

I recently came across this when i was tjekking cocopandas site out to see if the had som interesting stuff and I´d never seen something like this before and  I´ve heard s jane iredale´s makup is really good and This seems really cool and the color is so pretty and it´s on sale so I might give this a go.   ;))♥

I´ve to much eyeshadow but I swatched this in the store and fell in love, but I was not ready to spend 100kr for one single eyeshadow, but it´s almost half off, don´t think I can resist it ♥ 

If you been reading my blog for some time you know rosebud is my holy grail lipbalm, Im almost half way through my stawberry one, and I really wan´t to try all of them. Minted rose, mocha rose and the salves that you can use for everything heard it´s good as an eyeshadowprimer, cuticle cream, moisturiser I´m obsessed♥

But I´ll go tjek my credit card or ask my dad for money, he probably won´t give me any :((

Thats it for now remeber to enter my Give away♥

xoxo Christina♥    

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