Wednesday, October 9, 2013

bithday haul :))♥

Hi blog :))

so it have been some time since it was my birthday, but I never got the chance to show you what I got, probably due to the fact that I´ve postet too many new in´s but it´s just a little fase we are going through ;))

but i didn´t that many material thing, mostly money and some candy :))

I love this it was a set my sister bought in sephora :))
-I switch between this powder and my clinique because I really love both :))♥
-The brush is so good and dense and soft, really helps the powder cover its best!!
-The primer really helps the coverage too, and make it last :))♥

Got these two brushes from my bigbrother and his girlfriend♥
but I´m still reading 50 shades freed first and maybe I´ll be reading the immortals black fire first, since book one is really long.. well book 2 is even longer but we will see :))

as I said mostly got money so don´t have that much to show unless you wna´t to se Icetea powder and cherry candies :))

xoxo Christina ♥

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