Thursday, October 17, 2013

Clean skin♥

Hi loves

so the sweet people behind clean skin send me some stuff to try out I got 3 eyemasks and 3 lipmasks I´ve already used one of each and I like them so far :))

the description says that the lip masks has collagen that tightens and rebuilds skin and reduce small wrinkels around lips. Rich in plant-collagen that moisturises, removes dead skincells, gives lips a more plumed look and protects against ageing caused by UV

the description says that the eye masks contain goldparticals, that stimulate the skins own production of collagen, collagen is tightening and rebuilds skin and reduce dark cirkels and bags. the masks is produced with a special gel and the ingrediens quickly absorbers into the skin. you are just going to put the masks under you eyes and after your eyes have absorbed all the good stuff it will shrink in size and you can take them out and trash them  

when I have used these I´m gonna make a review and in 2 weeks time I will have a give away up where 2 lovely people will win 5 lipmask each so stay tuned for that !!♥

xoxo Christina♥

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