Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cocopanda.dk Faves :)) + product reviews♥

Hi blog :))

I have a little obsession with this site called cocopanda♥. It has such good brands like Macadamia and my favorite lipbalms from rosebud!!♥

I know I didn´t buy my faves on this site but I thought that some of my danish readers would prefer supporting a Danish company, besides the prices are so good!! sadly I bought my lipbalm to the double price as I could have gotten it on coco♥ but no more, from now on I will alwas get my beloved rosebud on cocopanda

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep repair masque: Some of you may know my love for the macadamia line :))♥ the masque is no exception!! I currently have the 500ml and I´m about half way though the pot I have lasted me so long!get it Here♥

The product it self is amazing! my very dry  ends that usually have a milllion split ends even though my ends just got cut, has totally transformed. My ends have softened alot less split ends, my overall hair looks way better and the scent OMG! i love it♥ and it stays in you hair even on second and maybe thirdday hair I can still smell it♥ get it Here♥

Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave in creme: This and the mask is the perfect team!♥ This creme has the best scent ever, It even better than the mask, Yes I just said that I usually just put it on my ends because the rest of the hair is already taken care of♥ but some times my hair needs a little ekstra and I put it right up to my ear hight :))

The product i so amazing makes my hair so soft its crazy and It feel far less dry The best thing I´ve ever put on my hair!! can nothing less but really recommend it !!♥

Rosebud lipbalm: This it the balm my holy grail product, there are some product the makes my lips burn it they are really dry, but not this one doesn´t I swear by this product It´s the only thing I can trust when my lip is in need. Makes my lips soft and moisturised ♥
Get it Here♥

But that is it for know see you later loves!!♥

xoxo Christina♥

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