Monday, October 28, 2013

Elf wish list♥

Hi blog ♥

so I saw that eyes lips face has free shipping this week and 50% off when they recive 20.000 on twitter so i decided to make a wish list for my future 50% off purchase♥

Whats on your list?? anything you can recommend me? :))♥

right now I have an obsession with eyesadow, the last few months it was bright and dark colored eyeliner still into that but I´ve moved over to wanting more eyeshadow, even though I already have too much♥

Well I need a primer to all that eyeshadow, don´t I ;))

The stipple brush I´ve wanted for a while, the main reason is that i´m planning on buying a powder highligter and I thought this might be the best brush to apply it with♥

Defineing brush hmm I thought that this shape on a brush would be nice to apply eyeshadow to the outer V :))

I´ve been eyeing this for a while, I have chapped tips that needs a scrub maybe 2-3 times a week but I find it annoying to stick my fingers in a pot, rubbing on lips, and having to remove sugar or salt from under my nails, and feel like this would be way easyer and better♥

Baked eyeshadow:

When I saw this on E.l.f´s danish page I fell in love and knew I had to get it, and I´ve on the hunt for a color like that since I saw shades of kassie use a simlar color (mix) in her eye tutorial but she used to mac ones, and I won´t spend that much money on eyeshadow not right now at least♥

but that´s what on my list for know :))

did you see my last 60%  elf off haul?? tjek it here Elf Haul♥

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Alt for lækre ting :o)
    Kig gerne forbi ♥ -

    Knus Michelle Eckert ♥


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