Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Favorite lip combo♥

Hi blog♥

I have fallen in love with a lip combo, It all started when attending ADK a party that my school have 4 times a year and I wanted a red lipstick, so I went to the mall, but I had forgotten my credit card at home, (went directly after school) but I had some cash and I´ve gotten a mail that said that my giftcard had arrived to I could just manage to buy it :))

but when I got to the store it hadden´t arrived :(( so I had to walk home or to the station and take the buss :))

But i wanted a red lip so badly that I took my dark pink lipstick and a red lipgloss and made, what I thing was a beautiful pinky-red lipcolor and I´ve been wearing it around the house just to wear it :))♥
and I have some thing on my tooth how typical...♥ It´s a little more red in real life :))♥

what is your favorite lipcombo?? I might get some insperation :))♥
xoxo Christina ♥


  1. Sikke en fin farve :)
    Ret godtil hverdag også - det går jeg virkelig og mangler nogen gange

    1. ja det er den ((: ♥
      det kan godt vaere, har aldrig vaeret typen der har bestemte farver jeg kun kan bruge til fester bruger det jeg foeler for ((; ♥


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