Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gosh review :))♥

Hi sweeties :))

for 2 weeks I´ve been trying out the products, that was sendt to me by the love gosh Cosmetics the products has been an absolute joy to use :))♥

This polish is one of the most beautiful one I´ve ever owned and I have alot and it is Gosh frosted sand look  in Frosted purple :))♥

I know you can´t quite tell but it has a matte finish but it shimmers how is that even possible I would have taken some more photos of it but I was wearing it to school and my friend wanted to borrow it so badly that i couldn´t wait and now it is at her house.... :))

there is something about these gosh polishes :)) because last time they sent me something my sister almost stole my pink glitter polish, not really but the borrowed it alot until she finally bought her own :))♥  Link to old review, but it was back when i blogged in danish :))♥

The color of this is absolutely gorgeous Silver matte glitter with a beautiful settle tint of purple♥  

The best lasting power, didn´t chip and it wasn´t that hard to remove it I really love this polish and recommend it to everyone!!♥

This is gorgeous, amazing, fantastic and I love it  you know what I´ve just realised, that not a single thing from gosh that I´ve tried and didn´t like, except i remember starting up makeup around 6th grad I used a foundation from gosh, that was a little to oily for my skin, my skin is an oil Factory so it is hard to find a good foundation that won´t wear off, but I know my mom really liked it even though her skin is really oily aswell :))

But back to the liner, first time i used this was when I was getting ready to a party it was citynight so all the stores was closeing late and I had just received my birthday present from my sister :))

and I stood in the changeing room in the store where my sister worked (she recently quit, because after she moved, work was too far away) and i applied this smoked it out, looked up and bam my eyes was popping like crazy I read different places that i´m supposed to use blue shadow to enhance my eyecolor but nothing has made my eyes look so bright than this eyeliner I love it and in the future I´ll be raving about this wayyy too much :))♥

but thats it hurry up and get your hands on these products♥

ps. The products are sponsered but the opinion is mine :))♥

xoxo Christina♥

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