Monday, October 7, 2013 :))♥

Hi sweeties :))

So was so kind to send me some stuff from the website, I already really like them, I got to choose one of the iteams (the facebrush) so I knew I was gonna like it, and then they asked me if I´d like to try the 3 in 1 mascarahelper and I really wanted to, Because well you don´t know because I haven´t told you yet but I think I´ll make another haul soon with the new eyeproduct I´ve gotten and more, I´m working on a lot of post right now :))

but the point is that first time i got the rocket mascara from Maybelline i got i in waterproof by mistake it was really good but I felt like it wasn´t wet enough in consistency but other than than no problems. I decided that when it was on sale I would get the non-waterproof but I don´t know why but I keep getting mascara on my eyelid and everywhere so I wished that this would help me used it friday night when i was going to a surprise party time was running out and I couldn´t afford any makeup mistakes I used this and I was saved I felt a little wired using it but I´ll just need to get used to it :))

A review on both iteams will come in a near future :))♥

Mascara helper:

xoxo Christina♥

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