Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Maybelline the rocket vs. Maybelline the rocket waterproof♥

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I´m not sure but some of you may know that I some time ago bought the Maybelline the rocket waterproof by a mistake and now I have been useing the normal one for a while now and I thought I´d compare them in some sort of way♥

Maybelline the rocket waterproof:
Let´s get to the point this one is the best! the formular is a bit too dry and a little hard to remove even with waterproof makup remover but it´s okay :)) other than that I can´t say anything bad, doesn´t smudge, holds curl, didn´t find that it clumbs, still looks decent after a dive in the ocean♥

Maybelline the rocket: 
I like this one but not as much as the waterproof even thought I tend to grab nonwaterproof because it´s rare that I like that one better. Okay this mascara really good but it has alot of mistakes. It smudges!!! like you get panda eyes, but everyone loves pandas soo I can´t see the problem... ;))
I got oily eyelids, so that might be the reason why it smudges on me.

It´s to watery in the beginning and no matter how careful I´am I get mascara on my eyelids and on the end of the day It looks like I have put eyeliner on way too high up, but one thing it´s okay at is when you use it as a layering mascara don´t feel like it smugdes then but okay with layering you don´t use as much. And if you are wondering it doesn´t clumb ;))

When it dries up a bit it is much much better!♥

The perfect Maybelline the rocket:
Basicly it´s the waterproof with a less dry formula and easier to get off then I´d be in mascara heaven♥

xoxo Christina♥

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