Sunday, October 20, 2013

New in: Sweater weather♥

Hi sweeties :))♥

So H&M has/had don´t know if its still going, but they had a nice deal on some of their basic sweaters it was... 50% OFF wiiii ;)) They might have something like it before but I´ve never In my H&M store seen them with such great deals on clothes except the stuff they can´t get rid off.. :))

but it was a nice deal so got two lovely sweaters, and I´ll think I´ll return soon to see if there are any cute ones left :))♥

and please excuse my messy closet  :))

So I didn´t feel like putting small pieces of text under each photo so i have it all here :))♥

I really like the colors I´be been on a hunt for two loose sweaters in these colors and I found them obviously or else this blog post wouldn´t be here. I really like the fit of these very loose and casusal that how I like my sweaters even though most of the ones I have are fitted :))

I think the detailing on the begining of the sleeve makes it look just a little less plain. I like that it is a 3/4 length sleeve so your armcandy if your wearing any don´t get covered my other sweaters do that and It made me not use my jewlery becasuse it was gonna get covered anyway so I´ve gotten used to not wearing jewlery and everytime i plan to wear jewlery I either forget or i´m too busy and i think screw it I´ll wear it another day :))

but I think my jewlery will be used more often with these sweaters :))♥

but that is for my little sweater haul :))♥
xoxo Christina♥

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  1. Sikke nogle lækre sweaters:)<3

    Kig gerne forbi<3


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