Monday, October 21, 2013

Perfume collection♥

Hi blog♥

so I´ve been watching some of these videos on youtube and thought I´d make a similar blogpost :))

Basically I´ll just show you what parfumes I have and where or who I got it  from:))
I´m trying to start up some videos but I´m not to sure, but if you would like me to talk about the parfumes like the smell, lasting power and just how I like It please leave a comment :))♥

Marc Jacobs daisy: I got this almost 2 years ago. my uncle gave this to me at Christmas It is one of my favorites a light smell of flowers♥

Zara Woman: I don´t know if it has a specific name other than Zara woman but I got this as a souvenir from my sister when she went to Greece, it has a very deep sensual night time scent that is almost identical to paco rabanne lady million my sister has both and we agreed that they were very similar and the zara version is so much more inexpensive♥

 Ray saxx heart: this is one of my first serious pafumes, the reason I say serious is because when I was a lot younger Everybody used to wear pafume from a brand called date, there was date me, date lucky and date delicious i think etc.  but they where childrens parfume made for children and maybe the young teens. but after I got over that fase (I still have some of the deos...) I got this parfume not so famous and really cheap like 20 kr about 3,5$, 2,7£ 2,7 € :))
 Beyonce heat: I´m not sure but I think this used to be really Popular and was marked down from 250 (46$, 28£, 33,5€) to 50 kr (10$, 5,7£, 6,7€) and the sweet fruity scent really applied to me and still do♥
Calvin klein in 2 u: I have two of these last year I got these as a christmas present from my uncle he has a very good taste in parfume :)) well i got two 50ml becuse my sister got another parfume in 100ml so that was only fair i guess :)) a sweet not too heavy scent :))♥

Amor Amor: there is a few of the amor amor I belive but I got this when my sister was moving she didn´t want i anymore and gave it to me really nice scent but I havent really used it.

Versage Brigt Crystal: If you read along on a regular basis you´d know that this is my holy grail parfume and I recently got this off amazon because my old  one had run out♥ it has a sweet feminin musky scent♥♥♥

Caroline Flemming don´t know which one it is I belive there is one called josefine but i´m not too sure. one of my best friends has this and I really liked it but felt weird wearing it, I feel like i stole her parfume.

But here is an overview on my parfume and I forgot the little red amor amor which smells really nice I´m addicted to the deo :))♥

but thats it :))

xoxo Christina♥


  1. I love Marc Jacobs daisy!

    I haven't tried Versace Bright Crystal though, will take note of this!

    1. me to soo fresh but still sweet♥

      hehe it's amazing♥ hope you will love it as much as i do♥

  2. I do love to use parfumes,So i do have a question.Those parfumes are all for women or is there anything for male too?

    1. they are all for woman but the kalvin klein has a male version of the in2u!

  3. Wow, I like how you have a mixed variety in your collection! I have some deluxe samples in the perfumes you've mentioned. Will have to check out Zara Women! :)

    1. thanks the way i feel about pafume is the way I feel about nailpolish i gotta have a little bit of everything it get too boring if everything is so alike♥ hope you do, I think it is a great dupe for lady million♥


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