Thursday, October 24, 2013

Perfectbody 3 in 1 mascara helper!!♥

Hi blog♥

so I had to use a little more time to know if I liked this product/thing that I got from perfect-body. In the beginning It was quite odd to use having to place it om my eyes and try to apply mascara, but after some time it got easyer I decided after some time that I would only use it when I was wearing eyeshadow, because personly I don´t mind removing a tiny dot on my lid when i´m not wearing eyeshadow♥

I like the two combs I usually panicly search for my old clean mascara wand but i don´t have to anymore and I really like that the brissels are so hard that I feel like I really can comb through and eliminate clumbs♥

overall I really recommend it if you are dealing with mascara on the lid and on your lower lashline♥
here is where mine is from

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Super fint indlæg! :-)
    Kig gerne forbi ♥ -

    Knus Michelle Eckert ♥


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