Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Perfectbody facebrush review♥

Hi loves :))♥

I knew as soon I laid my eyes on this that I was gonna love it, Because I´ve heard so many good things about this kind of facebrush, and I´ve been seaching for this forever and was so kind to send me this and the mascara helper that will have it´s own blog post♥

But I really recommed this, I have always been a fan of facebrushes, used to have another one from I think m cosmetics that i loved but it broke :(( but this one is so much better, my face feels so clean and not the dry sqeaky was but soft, fresh and clean. And it costs so little I´d thought it costed a lot more and if I loose this I´m more than happy to buy a new one!!♥

I fell like I´m in such a good product fase right know all, og the stuff I´ve tried recently i love and I´m so happy!!♥

but definitely purchase one Here♥ it´s a bargain♥ and if you are not from denmark, just find one whatever brand this kind of facebrush is amazing♥

xoxo Christina♥

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