Friday, October 11, 2013

Products I´ve used up :))♥

Hi sweeties

So when you buy so many products, you gotta use some of them up :))

Batiste dry shampoo in fresh and clean: I liked it beause I just like this shampoo in genreal, but I really didn´t enjoy the scent, made me think of an air freshener, not the nice citris just I don´t know maybe like a dentist office.

Gliss oil nutrive shampoo and conditioner: I loved this!! got it on my vacation in croatia and it was the best shampoo I´ve ever used way better than aussie and tigi bedhead  and you might know that I once adored these but I didn´t know better. Think i just fell in love with their scents.

The reason I said "was" is because the shampoo and conditioner I use now is even more amazing!! I think I have found the type of shampoo that my hair likes the best, I used to go for moisturising shampoo since my hair have always been really dry but it was never enough hair still felt like dry hay. so now i go for oil shampoos and conditioner and all of you with greasy hair, don´t run away my hair is very greasy and dry but my oil shampoo is my hairsaver :))♥

Nivea dobble effect  eye makeup remover: it was good didn´t have to rub that much, but it was way to oily and my lids felt wired and I always needed to wipe it off. would i repurchase? hmm nahh maybe the regular one, it´s not oily :))

Versage bright crystal: yall know that this is my favorite parfume ever thank you so much versage!!♥ I got the last drops out of this baby (the ones i could) and I have officially used it up and I have repurchased it in a way bigger size :))♥

xoxo Christina ♥


  1. Stor respekt for at du skriver på engelsk!

    Kig forbi bloggen - lige nu er der en giveaway om en lækker v-ring!

    1. Taak hvor er du sød!♥ kigger lige forbi så ;))♥


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