Friday, November 1, 2013

30 day Blog Journal Challenge: day 1 facts about me :))♥

Hi blog :))

So yesterday I received a mail, That said that tomorrow (today) was the startday of the 30 Blog Journal Challenge, that I've signed up for. I have to admit, I kinda forgot, but I´m gonna do it, and it's  good, I mean more activity on my blog! :))
normal post won't be left out, but can't promise 2 post everyday ;))♥

About me

Hmm I'm not sure what to say. I'm just a normal human being, who happens to love blogging. I like horror movies way more than other movie genres, I guess you can say I'm obsessed :)). I'm a girl scout, but I don't sell cookies. I get artistic when I´m mad or sad, when sad I usually write poems and listen to piano pieces... Don't judge me :))♥ and when I´m mad I end up with a drawing of faith, love and hope hanging on a thin thread over fire.. again don't judge me :))   

I´m addicted to tea and chewing gum, I'm currently obsessed with Lorde's music I'ts so wired and it doesn´t make much sense, but then again it  kinda does and I love it!

If there is something you wan't to know, please leave a comment♥
Sorry that the Challenges it in danish :))♥ 

  xoxo Christina♥

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  1. Hej. I would like to know about I can use your picture, for my own blog?
    I will of course advertise your blog, and tell which blog the pic is from.
    If i'm allowed, then please write to me on my e-mail.


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