Saturday, November 2, 2013

Café Party College theme♥

Hi blog

so once more my school had a party, 500 people, beer pong, 3 great dj's!!♥  Just fantabulous♥

School ended late since we had a projekt, so Kira and I had to skip the pre party but it was so nice, we got ready and ate together. But arriving to the paty we where way to sober and they didn't take credit card...♥ Security wouldn't let us out, so we had to tell them that our parents had cash for us, but they only allowed  one of us to go. So kira went. Let me say sober partying wasn't that bat, quite fun actually.

We left to go around town, our friend Oliver decided to join us, we went to a lake and I found a childens bike, quite fun rideing it :)) Oh and we sat on a bench and it was so awkward because Kira and Oliver just sat there kissing and I was looking awkwardly at the ducks in the lake♥

But overall amazing night♥

Hihi rocking the pigtails♥

xoxo Christina♥

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