Thursday, November 7, 2013

day 7 a picture that makes you happy :))

Hi blog :))

so I´m kinda not liking todays subjekt, but I don't want to quit. Tried really hard to find a photo, I could turn in to a nice blog post but i can´t tried a aloe vera picture but I´ve raved about that way to much and I don't know if I should take a vacation photo ? ehh -.-♥

but I have good news winners will be shown tomorrow, and for Ipad users I have a new giveaway comming up :))♥

but this is the world´s tallest skycoaster, and the reason I thoose this is because, it is one of my favorite memories/ coolest things I've ever done. It was back in 2010 a before or after fallbreak. This was one of the highligts of the trip and the crocodile farm!! the babys were so cute♥ But this picture makes me happy because, it gives me a litlle rush everytime I think back :))♥

haha hope this wasn't too bad really struggelt finding something good to write about :))

xoxo Christina♥ 

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