Sunday, November 24, 2013

DIY cream/mousse eyeshadow!!♥

Hi blog I told you that I loved the color of my NYC mono eyeshadow, the purple one but the quality was bad. I said id see if I could fix it somehow, and I might have, haven´t tried it on my lids jet but I´ll give a review when I try it out :))

but I wil show you how I made my bad quality powder into a cream or mousse don't know which one I think it is :))

All you'll need is an eyeshadow that you either don't mind breaking, becuse depending on which eyeshadow and primer you use results may vary :)) As said you'll also need a primer, an emty pot you can put your mixture in to :)) and lastly you need something to scrabe and stir with.

first you simply scrabe product into the emty pot, keep adding product and primer until you find the consisteny you want, mine was kinda wired it stuck to the stirer so I just scrabed the product back in the pot and took a wet tissue and pressed the product down so it stuck to the pot :))

As you might have noticed it's quite messy a pice of paper under it, and when you're done just lift the paper up and trash it :))

here is a swatch it try it out and tell you how it turns out to be like :))

xoxo Christina♥

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