Friday, November 15, 2013

Earn money testing websites!! danish only :))♥

Hi blog :))

as the title says this blogpost will be about how to earn some easy money online, totally safe!!

so a little tip for my danish viewers. I just discovered a page this one called 

I think it's a good idea, It allowes any one, whatever age and interests to earn some ekstra money, and thats good for students like myself who doesn't have ton of money and loves to shop or just need the money to cover bills or need to save up. they can use anyone who speak fluent danish, even your grandma could to this, they don't judge you by age, size or anything, but how good you speak :)) works this way: You sign up, read the email that tells you what to do when you try out as a tester, you need to make a video, so they can see If you speak clear enough, and as I said of course have to speak fluent danish. As I said you acually have to try out by making a Audio video so they can see if you are good enough to test for them.

If the email isn´t enough you´ll have a video guide showing you how to do. It tells you how to install their recorder and how to choose tests etc. They also have one more guide you have to read to get startet

If your Audio video is approeved you can start earning money. you will get 100dkk for a test that takes 25-30 minuttes :))

In order to get money remember to register your bank account, not the one you give companys/online shops so they can withdrawal money from your card, but your reg number and account number so they can insert the money you have earnt from doing tests :))

but just a little tip If you would like to have a little ekstra money, just like me ;))

sign up: 

xoxo Christina :))♥


  1. Hi, i would just like to make a little adjustment ... You have to be fifteen

  2. Oh my bad, the site says that anyone in any age is allowed, just thought that they did :))


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