Monday, November 25, 2013

Gosh by medina burgund nailpolish review :))

Hi blog :))

So it is now time to give the last review in this Gosh serie :))

Application: easy to apply you'll need to apply to coats to get the color :))
Lasting power I think it's quite good, but i gotta say that it's not as good as goshes  other nailpolishes, they are one of my favorite nailpolishes :)) <3

As you see it has chipped a tiny bit, but most polishes do, unless it's glitter polishes, so i don't really blame it and it' just in the egdes. plus I love how dark it is, fitts so Well with fall and vinter :))

But Thats it for now 

xoxo christina :)) <3


  1. Your nails looks nice. I don't use black nails but I will try it one day.

    1. yeah it kinda black looking but it's a dark burgundy :))


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