Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lipstick of the day :))<3

Hi blog :))

Today it's about lipstick. I May bit have that hugs of a makeup collection, as Many youtubers, but I belive that I have quite much, and cant controll myself so I keep buying more I'm actually planning an order today ups... :))

But back to the point I buy to much so I better use it, of course not at one so i look like a cakey doll :))
And today I went purpur and just felt like sharing :))

The one I'm wearing today is ysl lipstick in number 3, it not as Dark in on the lips more of a deep Plum but on camera kinda looks dark magenta :))

Haha hello :)) but I'll see you lovely people later <3

Xoxo christina :))



  1. Lovely lipstick. :-)

    Love Malene ♥

  2. omg Christina you do it again, what can i say, my mouth are empty for words, you are so damn beutifull! those who say, no one is perfect, well they haven't met you
    "Love is a endless Mystery, there is no rationel reason that can explain it"
    kisses Laureen

    1. Omg laureen you are the sweetest ever!! You are so kind, and leave the sweetest comments!!

      xoxo christina

  3. Hvor er det bare en lækker læbestift og den klæder dig super godt :D

    Knus Mia

    1. ja elsker stærke farver på læberne, men må indrømme var lidt genert førstegang jeg havde den på, den var helt klart ude af min comfort zone ;)) men nu elsker jeg den :))


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