Friday, November 8, 2013

New giveaway Ipad smart case!! + I´m qutting the challenge♥

Hi blog

first off I said yesterday that the tought of qutting a blog challenge, would make me feel bad, but I really dislike this one, I don't wan't to be mean to the creator but, this challege is not me at all, people will probably be bored of me telling them about a picture I took, and I'd rather quit than posting bad post because I don't want to blog about whats today challenge.

And blogging should be something you enjoy not force yourself to because you startet a challenge. But it's my fault, I signed up♥

But on to the fun part as you might know I recently got an ipad and the all over case I got for it is to big since mine is slimmer than 2, 3, 4 (doesn´t fit Ipad air). So I have decided to give it away it´s brand new, only been tried on :))


1. Follow me on GFC  or on bloglovin :))
2. comment down your email so i can contact you if you win :))
3. like my blogs facebook page

give away is open world wide, but If you live outsite europe you may have to pay tax to get your prize (if you win) so be aware of that before entering!!

and If you don´t have and Ipad you could win a free christmas gift for some one:))

giveaway ends december 1. :))♥

hope you will enter and I love you :))

xoxo Christina♥

ps. winners of my other giveaway will be announced soon!


  1. Øj, det kunne være en dejlig december-pakke :o) Jeg deltager gerne <3

  2. I like to play.


  3. Skøn give away - lige hvad jeg kunne bruge :-)

  4. Nice Giveaway :-)

  5. Den kunne jeg virkelig godt tænke mig som en julegave til min fars ipad. Så ku det ske jeg ku få lov til at låne den også :-)


  6. En Ipad har jeg ikke, men min bror har netop ønsket sig et cover til sin Ipad i julegave :) 030786(a)

  7. Nice giveaway! Jeg følger begge steder ^^
    ceciliesund (a)

  8. Krydser alt hvad der kan kryses! :D

    Vh. Christina

  9. Vil jeg gerne vinde :O)



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