Monday, November 18, 2013

Review Gosh by medina lipstick :))

Hi blog :))

So I've had the lipstick for around a week, usted it quite alot so that just means that i like it!

Color: when I'm in stores I'm kinda jugdeing if i saw the back of this lipstick in store, i wouldn't have opened it to swatch because the sticker looks kinda Brown, but it 's really a beautiful muted dusty rose, a your lips but better color :)) and I've needed that in my stash, I love bright colors so i often busy loads of that and forget neutrals.

Lasting power: lovely lasts until i eat or remove it myself, and a tiny bit gets of when I drink but it's not that bad.

Formula: perfect not drying not overly smooth so it smeers of, like my rimmel did after first class i looked like i was trying to bring the only lipliner trend back from, I don't now when. But maybe it was because I applyed a little too much :))

But overall I love this lipstick, and a sneakpeak I love the eyeshadow as well, and I will apply the nailpolish when i get home and review it next week :))

Xoxo christina<3

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