Thursday, November 28, 2013

Room inspiration simpely sweet :))

Hi blog :))

So i was supposed so move into another room in my Fall break but my dad was too busy, so he said it would be Christmas break or vinter break :))

So I might have said okay to White walls, after months of insisting on sky blue. My dad has so much White paint after painting our new sommerhouse but he did say that we could buy some colormix so we could color the paint.

It would be so easy to change styles, with white walls, but i love the idea of blue walls :))

So since I found polyvore I've trying to make different styles, like I'm making a Series of different styles I could have in my room, to see what i Want and if i go for a style that dont fit blue I'll have to choose white.

But I'll be showing some different styles of what I might Want :)) maybe the clock don't fit in as much but anyway :))

Items is listed below, from different countires :))
Untitled #2

So I went for something simple to begin with and a little winter theme :))
I think it fits both colors and it would look nice in my new room :))

What styles do you like??

Xoxo christina<3

Black and white picture

Home decor

Flower wall art

Velvet curtain

Framed mirror
$410 -

LSA International home decor
$26 -

Forever New jewelry box
$82 -

Paris home decor

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