Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas new in♥

Hi blog :))

today I've done absolutely nothing, until 2 hours ago I havent eaten since yesterday, ate so muc food that I wasn't hungry today and went to sleep 6am ups :))

I don't think I'll make a big deal out of this just list the stuff, don't know if I'll list my pre chistmas gifts probably not :))

The body shop orange giftset from my sister
orange to toned river island bag from my grandmother
macadamia gift set from my grandmother
YSL babydoll parfume from my dad
Trangia outdoor kitchen set from my brother, surprised? I'm an outdoor person aswell Imma girl scout :))
calvin klein  one shock gift set
H&M shirt from my grandmother
money from my mom so I can buy some proper running shoes cant wait to go look for shoes :))♥

what did you get?♥

xoxo Christina merry christmas :))♥


  1. Virkelig lækre gaver :-) Macademia vil jeg også super gerne prøve en dag <3 Mine gaver kommer nok på bloggen en af dagene, hvis du har lyst til at kigge med.

    Knus Mia

    1. Ja er ogs[ su[er glade for dem! det burde du, elsker det maerke♥

      glaeder mig da til at se dine gaver♥



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