Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas shopping in copenhagen♥

Hi blog

so I went Christimas shopping with my sister this friday and saturday and wait happy first december :)) and if you have gotten one what did you get as your 1 advent gift? I havn't opened mine jet :))

But as I said we went christmas shopping and it was so much fun, freseing  cold but fun, actually we didn´t really get any gifts friday, just went around and if you follow me on instagram you'll know that my sister and I went to baresso and even though it was cold we got iceblend -.- ♥

we walk into a christmas market it was super cute and there was cute stuff, but also some that where really ugly homer simson hats, no no no :))

got to my sisters place and had the best real Italian pepperoni pizza nom nom nom :))  

and then went Christmas shopping for real on saturday :))

now I gotta go upstairs and see what my gift for today is, for some reason my sister buys advent gifts for me she did it last year as well I think it's because our parents never gave us advent gifts :))

xoxo Christina♥

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