Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Germany border shopping♥

Hi blog

Sorry I didn´t get to post this yesterday but my school where was a bomb threat so the entire school was evacuated and we weren’t allowed to get our stuff. But it was false alarm and I got my stuff back this morning ♥

but on the the haul, we weren't there for that long so I didn't shop as much but I did get a few things :))

So I spottet these in the catalog the day before going to gernmany, and I'm carzy about stuff with aloe vera in it. I  have read some reviews and knew that I had to have them♥

Fussy socks!!♥ what more can I say these are the best fussy socks I´ve ever used so comfy and soft I'm acually wearing the striped pair right now ♥

I have way to many polishes but I coudn't handle it had to have them :)) even thought 2 of them are more summer colors... :))

I haven´t bought belts for a long time and these were a god deal that I couldn´t pass up and some of my current belts are starting to break, so it was about time  :))♥

I haven´t found any nice scented candels in denmark so when I smelled these I needed them at first I only got one of each but on my way to checkout I went back and got one more :))♥

xoxo Christina♥

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