Thursday, December 5, 2013

Products I've used up :))

Hi blog :))

I've used up a few very few products, I have a lot half emties or half full for the optimists :))

Am i the only one who is like what the .... When beautygurus have a huge basket of emties every 3 months, I know you're a guru and part of what you do is trying products, but how Can you use so many, I don't know if they pack product on or what. No no wait how Can they use up parfumes so fast, they are like ohh I bought this 100ml body spray and Then 5 months after they used it up in my life I've only used up one parfume I'm my life, and i feel like I've used my bodysprays from bath and bodyworks from when i was in Canada last year quite much, but the one I've used the most I've only used maybe a quarter of the bottle :))

Ramble ramble :))

The products :))

My beloved batiste ofcourse this is one of the products I use up okay fast even with 400ml it last me around 2 months :))

The flower one was a first for me I liked the scent, but the tropical is the best, I really wanna try the cherry one but I can't find it, I live i Denmark so i can't use american shops, shipping tax is to high but I can't find it on a uk site :))

I looooved this so refreshing, not drying, nice smell, Got the last dirt of my face <3 hope it gets on sale in denmark becuse the price for this in croatia is half the Price of it in denmark :))

Yep another gliss balsam spray :)) can't live without this, it's not like I'm omg i love this!! But i guess it's becuse I've used it for so long that it's just become one of my stable haircare products :))

Dried out at last :(( I loved this mascara it was sent to my by Gosh around 7 months ago but I used af we other mascaras meanwhile i guess Thats why it lasted so long :)) but the rubberbrush  it was really Nice <3 :))

Xoxo christina :))


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